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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome to Minneapolis Park Watch Watch

Who We Are

Park Watch Watch is a coalition of park-loving citizens who have concerns about how park-pestering group Park Watch browbeats and intimidates Park Commissioners and staff, disseminates false, obfuscatory and injurious information, and is a general nuisance that costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in staff time dealing with their ceaseless harassment.


Park Watch Watch was formed in July of 2009 when we learned that the park-bashing citizens of Park Watch were attempting to take over the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board by running candidates to be elected as Park Commissioners. This disturbing and blatant attempt to destroy the Minneapolis Park System with some modern version of the Trojan Horse was the catalyst for Park Watch Watch.

Observing Meetings

As a watch dog organization, members of Park Watch Watch vigilantly observe Park Watch irritatingly observing Park Board meetings on a regular basis to observe first-hand official park-perturbing Park Watch business being conducted. Park Watch Watch also reviews various Park Watch documents.

Openness and Accountability

We are advocates for openness and accountability in all of Park Watch's activities.

Public Awareness

It is Park Watch Watch's intention to raise public awareness of how Park Watch makes decisions and does business. We do so through our website (, through postings on the Minneapolis Issues list, media relations, letters to the editor and one-to-one contacts.

Independent Park Board

Park Watch Watch supports keeping the Park Board as an independent government agency. In keeping with that objective, Park Watch Watch supports the eradication of Park Watch and the prevention of this park-plague from taking over the beleaguered Park Board.

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