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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You!

This Blog has existed for about one week now and so far 450 of you have stopped by and visited us.

Democracy is alive and well. We invite your comments even from those of you who disagree with what we have or will write about.

In the coming weeks we will be asking all 25 candidates running for the Park Board to share their thoughts with us and address some questions that we think need to be answered.

You may notice I have listed an e-mail address to contact us. Please feel free to send suggestions for questions that you want the candidates to answer on the record.

Thanks again!


  1. Ask the candidates what their ideas are for long term financial sustainability. Ask them their ideas for long term environmental sustainbility as well. Ask what their professional experience is that they can bring to the board. Ask them their position on an independent park board. Ask them if they are going to be able to work respectfully and constructively with staff and their colleagues on the board, or if they've already pissed away any opportunity for that. (Maybe come up with a better way to ask.) Ask them if they have any ideas for promoting good health and exercise for kids.

  2. Ask the candidates what experience they have that qualifies them to be a board member of an organization that has a $60,000,000 budget, 600 full time employees 1300 part time employees and controls 6,400 acres of park land?

    Ask them how they plan to make up for the budget shortfalls?

  3. Ask them if they support or oppose the independence referendum.

  4. Forwarding an e-mail we received.

    date: Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 11:21 PM
    subject: question for commissioner candidates

    The park board says they want to "get off the grid." What are their ideas for that? How much energy could their ideas generate and how much would they cost vs. current energy costs?

    Also - what are their other ideas for reducing the carbon footprint of the park system?