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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vreeland "pulls the plug" on the kids at Brian Coyle

A week after the election, Scott Vreeland sent this to the Pillsbury United Communities Board of Directors. Thanks to one of our readers for sending this to us.
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From: SVreeland_Home Nov 09, 2009 12:30 PM
Subject: PUC

Ok, I have had enough.
-Scott Vreeland

Dear Pillsbury United Communities Board of Directors,

I have been working on improving the relationship and resolving lease issues with PUC for the past four years. I have promised to meet all our contractual agreements and I have done so. I have proposed a mutually beneficial solution for the Park Board and PUC that was outlined by a letter of understanding that was agreed to by your board chair and President Pribbenow and CEO Tony Wagner.

Unfortunately there has been nothing more frustrating in my four years as a public official than dealing with the misinformation and animosity generated by your staff.
I did not want to go on the offensive and be publicly critical of your organization, especially while progress was being made that would resolve these issues.

My patience has run out. You have not been negotiating in good faith. I do not know if this has been the board's decision to burn bridges rather than build them, but I am pulling the plug on negotiations.

If your board does not want $ 3 million in assets, so be it. If you do not want us to renew the lease on the Pillsbury Waite house that would be good to know.
But if that is your choice, be forewarned that I am very willing to very publicly speak the truth about what I see as often very destructive behavior of your staff in a community that I know very well.

Scott Vreeland

Some of the quotes from Vreeland in the MNdaily article:

Park board commissioner Scott Vreeland didn’t vote for the center’s proposal even though it’s in his district because he said the East Phillips and Stewart communities have been a priority for more than a decade. “We have a large park system and this is just the first round of improvements,” he said. “Every neighborhood would like park improvements, and this’ll be my top priority next year.”

Vreeland didn’t deny disagreements over the lease and the amount the park board owes are impacting the potential for partnership between the board and the center.
“I wish we could do more for the community and update and rehab everything, but there are priorities,” he said.

Still, he maintains the board has kept its contractual duties, a claim the center denies.“It’s really frustrating when we hit all these roadblocks when in reality, it should be a great partnership,” Blevins said.

Now it appears that Vreeland has “pulled the plug” in his own words. Too bad for all of the kids in that neighborhood.

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  1. Wow. That's mature. Is this guy for real? What a brat.