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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Transparency in government?

Are the Park Watch Commissioner elects convening private meetings to set the agenda for their upcoming term, and to discuss committee chairmanships and leadership structure?

This is an open letter and warning to those newly elected and sitting Commissioners that Park Watch Watch will be watching very closely to see if the agenda of the upcoming board will be set in public meetings or if they have already developed their plans behind closed doors.

Please be aware that any Commissioner (elected, sitting or just waiting to hear) that does not comply with open meeting laws should be prepared to disclose under oath if they have held private meetings, participated in string emails or phone calls in order to develop a plan or agenda. Any actions by the new Board that appear to have been planned out in advance will trigger Park Watch Watch into action on this vital issue – all business must be discussed and debated in public, not private.


  1. Who are the "Park Watch" Commissioners? Can they comment on this? Are they already violating open meeting laws? Is this true or just a wild accusation?


    Newly-elected but not sworn-in commissioners are meeting to discuss what? Committee assignments? Will this meeting be televised? Doesn't pass the smell test.