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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Commissioner Vreeland admits he steals plank road bolts!

In the Star and Tribune today they had this to say about Plank road:

“Oak and pine hold up many a Minnesota home, but they aren't holding up as road-building materials.
A 600-foot section of old-fashioned plank road, which opened less than six years ago on the Minneapolis riverfront, has surprised drivers with its slippery-when-wet surface and the rumbles the boards make when tires roll over them. Now the loosening planks and other safety and maintenance concerns have led the city's Park and Recreation Board to decide to close that stretch while it figures out what to do.

"I have bolts that I have picked up along there that have come out," said Scott Vreeland, the Minneapolis park commissioner whose district includes the plank road. "I could show you the boards where they rattle."

Everyone who lives by or uses this bridge has known what a problem this is. It’s in Scott Vreeland’s district yet it seems the only thing he has done about this problem is figure out which boards rattle and pick up some lose bolts. The least he could have done was give the bolts to one of the parks maintenance people to put them back. What he should have done was to propose to pave this road. He’s been in office for 4 years now, what is he waiting for? Vreeland spoke against paving this road at last months board meeting.


  1. Sean,

    The headline,of course. The rest of the story is sadly not a joke. Vreeland is of course against doing anything about the problem and even spoke against improvments in last months meeting.

    We are tracking down Veerlands remarks from the last meeting and will post them when we get them.